STS 2017

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Alison Knowles, James Tenney, "A house of dust" -- 1967 -- fortran iv, reimplemented by Nick Montfort

Adrian Hamilton, "British Vogue Showcases the Amazing Photography Commissioned since its founding 100 years ago" -- says there was a poorly-written computer generated

Book, "obfuscation"

"Weaponized fake text" -- in the context of 4chan creating fake black accounts spewing conservative views, attempted to be used against black twitterrf

Edwin morgan scrapbook constellation

The word "editor" means the same thing as "publisher" in many european languages (from Elena Pierazzo's talk)

DHQ -- algorithmic peer review; Julia Flanders, Lorna Hughes -- funny april fools joke

"Recovering collective memory loss" -- mitford

Ed. -- a jekyll theme for minimal editions

Scanner. Pro -- use to PDF

Dillinger -- auto integration with github -- WYSIWYG editor/browser for markdown

Starting with image, have students describe the image, then encode