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Letter copying press


Edison's Electric Pen

Handwritten textbook made using lithography

On saving previously erroneous metadata or (bad) earlier facsimiles:

On the first digital facsimile of a medieval manuscript:

Handwritten cards photographed and printed as a catalogue in the 1960s:

flong / stereotype

Glenn Fleishman, "Flong Time, No See":

Wallace Irwin, Fairy Tales Up to Now, book bound in flong:

Digitized stereotype plates:

Flong used to insulate home:

Flong used on the cover of PM Magazine, 1935, from Letterform Archive:

Stereotyping: The Papier Mache Process (1892):

Wilson, Stereotyping and Elecrotyping (1886):

on Guy Debord and Asger Jorn's use of flong in Fin de Copenhague: