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Helen Burgess, 395 Sonnets:

Karen Gregory, "The Teaching of Labor and the Labor of Teaching: Reflections on Publicness and Professionalism":

Hip hop sampling to teach plagiarism (Craig Arthur):

Rachel Sagner Buurma, Victorian Lit + Victorian Informatics syllabus:

Distant reading assignmnet prompts:

quick tips for increasing participation:

readings on the "archive" for grad students:

Book History / Bibliography / Textual Studies

Dennis Baron, Writing on clay:

Sarah Werner, "My Syllabus is a Quarto":

"Bibliocircuitry and the Design of the Alien Everyday":

Tanselle's syllabi for courses on scholarly editing and bibliography:

Juliet Fleming's syllabus on writing:


Sonic Dictionary:

  • "The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course collaborative experiment hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab at Duke University's Franklin Humanities Institute."

Making an embroidered fabric speaker:

Paper speakers:

Raven (Cornell Ornithology Lab):


Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst, "How to ‘Do’ Feminist Theory Through Digital Video":


Steampunk Rochester:

Century America:

  • "The course was team taught in Spring 2014 by Dr. Ellen Pearson, Associate Professor of History at UNC-Asheville and Dr. Jeffrey McClurken, Professor of History and American Studies at the University of Mary Washington and included students from 11 different COPLAC institutions. The goal: to build a digital project about the experiences of these 11 institutions and their communities during the era of the Great War."

Katherine Harris, collaborative project on 19c materials:

Social Media

Twitter role-play for lit courses:

Chuck Rybak, Tweeting Class Discussion:

Kathi Inman Berens, Social Media Design & Build Syllabus:


Shawn Graham, Wikipedia editing assignment:;rgn=div1;view=fulltext;xc=1#5.3


Fold: multimedia authoring platform from Media Lab:, collaborative annotation:


Cathy Davidson, turning classrooms into communities: