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McMullan, Gordon, Lena Cowen Orlin, and Virginia Mason Vaughan, eds. Women Making Shakespeare: Text, Reception and Performance. London: Bloomsbury, 2013.

6. Remaking the Texts: Women Editors of Shakespeare, Past and Present, by Valerie Wayne (57-67)

"Few endeavours in the humanities have been so consistently exercised by men to the exclusion of women as editing the texts of Shakespeare." (57)

Harriet Bowdler

Mary Cowden Clarke, first complete concordance of Shakespeare's plays published in 18 monthly installments, 1844-5 and reprinted in 10 editions through 1875; also responsible for Shakepseare's Works, Edited with a Scrupulous Revision of the Text (1860); considered herself first woman called to edit Shk; now known for Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines (1850-2), which creates backstories for character's lives

also discusses 20th century editors

7. 'To be acknowledged, madam, is o'erpaid': Women's Role in the Production of Scholarly Editions of Shakespeare, by Neil Taylor (69-77)

216 of 262 editors of the 1,044 "major British and American editions of Shakespeare texts which have been published since the original ARden Shakespeare was launched in 1899" have been men

of the 43 general editors or sole editors of a series, only two have been women, only one has ever been in sole charge (Una Ellis-Fermor)