Losh and Wernimont 2018

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Losh, Liz and Jacqueline Wernimont. Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities. University of Minnesota Press, 2018.


Krakow conference panels and LARB piece on neoliberal DH — “Both proponents and opponents of DH seem able to agree on one common position: histories of feminist and antiracist work in DH do not deserve a place at the table. By contrast, our argument is that feminisms have been and must continue to be central to the identity and the methodologies of the digital humani- ties as a field.” (xi)

“We urge our fellow digital humanists to think through the implications of ubiquitous computing in particular and to consider undertaking the analysis of new objects of study rather than merely focus their scholarship on the cultural artifacts of the screen, page, or canvas (as well as their digital remediations).” (xii)

“Thus, the digital humanities should also advocate attention to technosocial environments, the interfaces and platforms of media- tion, and the procedures, protocols, and platforms of playable systems.14 In other words, we must expand our notions of text and context, archive and canon, and code and program.” (xii)

MEALS framework (material, embodied, affective, labor-intensive, and situated “character of engagements with computation” [quoted from elsewhere] -- + “values” for this book); each used as a boundary object