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Kleiner, Dmytri. The Telekommunist Manifesto. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2010.

"Telekommunisten promotes the notion of a distributed communism: a communism at a distance, a Tele-communism. A venture commune is not bound to one physical location where it can be isolated and confined. Similar in topology to a peer-to-peer network, Telekommunisten intends to be decentralized, with only minimal coordination required amongst its international community of producer-owners."

"We need venture communism, a form of struggle against the continued expansion of property-based capitalism, a model for worker self-organization inspired by the topology of peer-to-peer networks and the historical pastoral commons." 8

"For innovation to be born and allowed to develop in, and for, the common wealth, we need venture communism. We must develop ways to create and to reproduce commons- based productive relationships." 8

"New ways of producing and sharing, then, are a precondition of any change in the social order. ... No social order, no matter how entrenched and ruthlessly imposed, can resist transformation when new ways of producing and shar- ing emerge." 9

Capitalism couldn't exist in a real free market

"Instead of an idealized and impossible ‘free market’, a workers’ economy would be better conceptu- alized as a ‘network economy’, where independent participants exchange according their mutual desires within the context of a common platform, not centrally controlled by any of them, but composed of their own voluntary interconnections." 10

P2p networks like internet -- extra-state apparatus

"Whatever portion of our productivity we allow to be taken from us will return in the form of our own oppression." 12

"Our ideas about network topology are ultimately no threat to capitalism, who can always co-opt, sabotage or simply ignore them. Rather, it is our new ways of working together and sharing across national boundaries that have the potential to threaten the capitalist order and bring about a new society." 20