Iyengar 2002

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differentiation of race (color) with race (species) in Blazing World; conflation in Observations

"While Travellia can transcend the constraints of gender because of her ranka nd superior knowledge, none of the people she encounters can transcend their rank, here explicitly connected to skin color." (658)

upper classes eat the lower; royalty of color connected to ancient Britons; utopian royalist image (658)

agrees with Gallagher 1988 that Assaulted presents a "tory feminism": must be either subject or absolute monarch; since women are denied the ability to be a full subject, they can only be absolute monarchs (659-660)

modifies from "Tory feminist" to "Tory utopianist" (667) -- "for whom freedom depends upon both the subject's own individuality and the suppression of other, lesser-ranked, subjects" (667)