Hurley and Goodblatt 2009

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Hurley, Ann Hollinshead and Chanita Goodblatt, ed. Women Editing/Editing Women: Early Modern Women Writers and the New Textualism. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.

Preface by Hurley and Goodblatt

"This book began as a problem: the problem of editing early modern women writers for whom there was little biographical data." (xi)

"Forced obscurity" of women editors throughout history

"New textualism" offers opportunity to resituate author "as only one among the many ways through which a text is constituted as it interacts with its social and cultural locations" (xii)

"Thus what our whole collection of essays seeks to provide is a fusion of the research field of retrieving early modern womenw riters with the practices of new textualist editing." (Xii)