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Hsu, Hua. Stay True: A Memoir. Doubleday, 2022.

[When my father…]

Highlight(yellow) - Page 28 · Location 387

Maybe those were the last days when something could be truly obscure. Not in the basic sense that a style or song might be esoteric. But there was a precariousness to out-of-the-way knowledge, a sense that a misfiled book or forgotten magazine could easily be lost forever. Learning about something a few minutes before everyone else converted to a kind of niche social capital, and I was a diligent scholar.

Highlight(yellow) - Page 31 · Location 441

That’s the dilemma of life: you have to find meaning, but by the same time, you have to accept the reality. How to handle the contradiction is a challenge to everyone of us. What do you think?

[During the first…]

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When you’re young, you are certain of your capacity to imagine a way out of the previous generation’s problems. There is a different way to grow old, paths that don’t involve conforming and selling out. We would figure it out together, and we would be different together. I just had to find people to be different with, a critical mass of others to flesh out the possibilities of a collective pronoun.

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It’s one of those obscure parts of an already obscure identity that Japanese American kids can seem like aliens to other

Highlight(yellow) - Page 44 · Location 578

Asians, untroubled, largely oblivious to feeling like outsiders. They gave those feelings up long ago.

Highlight(yellow) - Page 56 · Location 758

Derrida remarked that friendship’s driver isn’t the pursuit of someone who is just like you. A friend, he wrote, would “choose knowing rather than being known.” I had always thought it was the other way around.

[We were on…]

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Highlight(yellow) - Page 70 · Location 936

was like discovering a new genre for writing, one with its own, unique registers of wit and intimacy.

[I was at…]

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understand the past, we must reckon with the historian’s own entanglements, the way past, present, and future remain forever “linked together in the endless chain of history.”

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It is at once the justification and the explanation of history that the past throws light on the future, and the future throws light on the past.”