Greetham 1999

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Greetham, D. C. Theories of the Text. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.

"My theories are not just theoreis of text in the (post-)structuralist sense of network, tissue, or play of difference; they are also theories of text in which the figure of weaving (text as textile) is given concrete embodiment through those bibliographical artefacts that have formed and informed our cultural heritage." (1)

marrying literary theory and bibliography; bibliographers were aware of literary theory, lit people ignored textual studies. but no -- not marriage, more like cohabitation

"I argued that my project was epistemological in the Foucauldian sense, an attempt to chart and to make overt those epistemic disjuncts, and thus to challenge the apparently safe textual redoubt of empiricism and naturalism by co-opting the terminology and practice of literary theory in re-designating textual operations in the guise of, or through the lens of, literature, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, history, political science, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and so on. The result of this venture, if successful, would be measured not by any new awareness of textuality by sociologists or anthropologists and the rest but by an awareness within our own textual camp: an awareness that 'theory' is not something done 'over there' in that other part of the map, in contrast to the respectable empirical practice of textual studies proper." (5)