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Green, James N. and Peter Stallybrass. Benjamin Franklin: Writer and Printer. New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 2006.

use of pseudonyms; distributed authorship over different personae

ivory memorandum books; some were stamped with different days of the week; could be written on with pencil and erased (see 14-15)

importance of job printing; printing money

Michael Pexenfelder, Apparatus Eruditionis tam Rerum quam Verborum per Omnes Artes et Scientias (Nuremberg, 1670); copy in James Logan's library was previously owned by Francis Daniel Pastorius, founder of Germantwon, bought by Logan in 1720; Pastorius had used the books to do nature prints in the margins of the book

  • "Breintnall and Franklin as so saw this process as a form of natural engraving, for one of Breintnall's leaf prints in the Library Company's collection is inscried, 'Engraven by the Greatest and best Engraver in the Universe.'" (56)
  • leaf prints used on early money, since they were almost impossible to copy exactly

The Way to Wealth -- printed, distributed in Franklin's wake; constantly changing text