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Crymble, Adam. Technology and the Historian: Transformations in the Digital Age. University of Illinois Press, 2021.

lack of interest in field's history within "digital history" -- eternal present and future focus

"I contend that an understanding of the field's history is the best way to develop the vocabulary necessary to lead those conversations and to take the field into the future" (8)

"One of the key arguments this book makes is that there is not one history of technology and historians but many. This reflects the multifaceted work of historians themselves, who may split their time and energy between the library, the community, the lecture hall, the lab, and the quiet of one's study." (9)

The Origin Myths of Computing in Historical Research

on the one hand cliometrics and Frank Owsley, on the other Robert Busa (more literary)

The Archival Revisionism of Mass Digitization

history of early projects taking advantage of digitization and databases, e.g. Ed Ayers' work