Computers and Writing 2011

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May 19-22, 2011, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


"Digital Poetry, Coding Publics," by Jim Brown [1]

"Circulating Musics: Forging Publics through Digital Ecologies," by Bryon Hawk [2]

"CCC in Motion: Twenty Terms Over Twenty Years," by Derek Mueller [3] [4]

  • Agatha Christie, literary alzheimer's article: [5] [6]

Parlor Press: [7]

CCDP, "The Scholar Electric" [8]

Writing Spaces: [9]

"Gaming the Classroom," by Anastasia Salter [10]

"The Techno-Humanist Interaction," by Virginia Kuhn [11]

Mentioned / Link collecting

Humanities 2.0: A Digital Humanities Manifesto [12]

"technological unconscious," Nigel Thrift [13]

The Unbook: [14]

punctum books: [15]

"Tokens and Taboos: Making Books Open Access," by Barbara Fister [16]

Video: "Re-imagining the Academy," by Mark C. Taylor [17]

"What is Digital Humanities and What's it Doing in English Departments?", by Matthew Kirschenbaum [18]