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Brooke, Xanthe. The Lady Lever Art gallery: Catalogue of Embroideries. Wolfeboro Falls, NH: Alan Sutton Publishing, Inc, 1992.

pg 33-4, Lady holding Flower and Book, mid-seventeenth century; silk work picture of a lady holding a book and surrounded by floral/animal motifs, fairly common in the period

pg 85, very high relief picture, "seemingly carved from wood or plaster and covered in silk," with features painted on; LL5151

pg 179-181, The Sacrifice of Isaac with Three Scenes from the Story of Isaac and Rebecca (LL5256, H12), casket worked from de Jode prints; interior of casket shown in pictures; print with mirrors, pin cushion and bottles

pg 229, LL5329, WHL3520; Ten Commandments and Lord's Prayer with Moses and Aaron; 1763, by 10-year-old Sarah Broadway; looks like print

pg 243, embroidered Map of Asia, copied from an engraving fo the Lady's agazine; "E Smith", c. 1797

pg 272-3, Psalmbook and cover, Sternhold and Hopkin (1636) (LL5338); Bible and cover, Robert Barker's bibl (1632)

pg 278, printed handkerchief showing Events in the Reign of George III, 1811-12 (LL5449)