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John Bagford, "Of Booke Binding Ancient" and 'Of Booke Binding Modourne" -- illustrated with inserted bits of leather bindings, specimens of title pages, alphabets, printers' and publishers' devices, maps, specimens of paper, many fragments are the only remaining of books destroyed; other scrapbooks concerning manuscripts by Bagford

Kitto's Bible, extra-illustrated with 30,000 prints, now at the Huntington:

James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps

  • John Evans, mid-17c, made a commonplace book of dramatic extracts, intended for publication as Hesperides; 2 extant mss, both at Folger; Halliwell-Phillipps cut up one, so its fragments can be found scattered among his scrapbooks

Add MS 65170 at British Library; "CHARLES BURNEY COLLECTION. Vol. IX. Sophocles: Testimonia and fragments, extracted from Brunck's edition; 1788, 1789. Printed extracts pasted into a book and lightly annotated. ff. i+277. 242 x 195mm.Richard Franz Philipp Brunck: Sophocles: Testimoni." Creation Date: 1788-1789. See

  • both Halliwell-Phillips and Charles Burney were book thiefs

early modern printed fragments used to make limp binding at Add MS 57337*, BL

Alexander Shaw, 18th-century catalogue of tapas cloth containing letterpress-printed pages, followed by cloth samples:

Otto Frederick Ege, collection at the Beinecke -- broke apart early modern and medieval books and manuscripts to sell the leaves:; see his essay "I am a biblioclast," Avocations (March 1938)

Philip Hanrott, allowed his three children to cut out decorative elements in medieval manuscripts and paste them into scrapbooks; see Rickert, Reconstructed Carmelite Missal

John Ruskin

Burckhardt-Wildt album

J. G. Ballard, cut-up novels:

"The Connoisseur": a humorous print ca 1830 showing a woman made of prints and ephemera: -- in the John Johnson collection at the Bodleian

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Sudelbücher or "scrapbooks" collecting quotes, aphorisms, short musings

Lost Manuscripts project, David Rundle at Kent:

Fragments from burned medieval manuscripts at Chartres:

John Freund collection of visual albums: