Berger and Maguire 1998

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Berger, Thomas L. and Laurie E. Maguire, eds. Textual Formations and Reformations. Cranbury, NJ: Associated University Presses, 1998.

The Sexual Politics of Textual Transmission, by Valerie Wayne (179-210)

"If there are still vestiges of belief in the impartial nature of the work, I want to question them here by calling attention to the gendered process of textual transmission, that is, the ways in which male compositors and editors have created texts that debase and efface women and members of other marginalized groups." (179)

feminist editing

compositors all men; cites Alice Clark in review of Stationers' Company, and D.F. McKenzie as listing no female apprentices in his study of 1605-1640 (181)