Barker 2002

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Barker, Miles. "Putting Thought in Accordance with Things: The Demise of Anaimal-based Analogies for Plant Functions." Science & Education 11: 293–304
"This paper describes how today's learners sometimes construct analogies in which animal functions are the 'analog' and plant functions are the 'target', and that these analogies may impinge on their learning about plants." (293)

Cesalpino -- developed analogies between plants/animals "as an explanatory framework for his practical investigations into the movement of sap" (295)

  • William Harvey, blood circulation, published in 1628
  • Johann Daniel Major, published circulatory theory of sap in 1665

Stephen Hales, Vegetable Staticks (1727) -- "provided an unambiguous, experimentalist rebuttal of the analogists' search for a circulatory system" (296)

"human-centred thinking" shown in school students asked about the circulation of water in plants