Shorthouse 1881

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Shorthouse, Joseph Henry. John Inglesant. London: Macmillan, 1881.

quotes/page numbers from the 6th edition of 1887:

priest concealed at the Priory gives young John a copy of The Flaming heart, or the Life of St. Theresa (1642) (34-5)

reads the Divine considerations, by John Valdesso, translated by Nicholas Ferrar; first mention of Ferrar (52)

first visit to Little Gidding (chapter 4, 52-61)

pg 65, Inglesant befriends Hobbes

second visit to Little Gidding, chapter 7 (79) -- in 1642, after Nicholas Ferrar's death; falling in love with Mary Collet

  • Inglesant assists the family in preparing the Harmony for Prince Charles (87)
  • King visits Little Gidding (88)

Chapter XI -- pg 121; Inglesant returns to Little Gidding, after the beheading of Laud