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Miller, Paul, ed. Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2008.

2. In Through the Out Door: Sampling and the Creative Act, by DJ Spooky (5-19)

Netochka Nezvanova

perception of time zones; Harrison and the search for longitudes; "The sound aspect of longitude was based on the Harrison clocks from the 18c that King George III and British Parliament used to create the grid system that still guides navigation routes and configures our perception of 'time zones' to this day. We have inherited the sounds of the H$ clock used by the British Admiralty in the eighteenth century to use as a global sculpture -- a mix governing howe we perceive the entire planet." (11)

6. The Life and Death of Media, by Bruce Sterling (73-89)

Incan quipu; Dead Media Project

28. Camera Lucida: Three-dimensional Sonochemical Observatory, by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand (299-311)

Camera Lucida, project in sonoluminescence

connection to Vedas, creator (Nada Brahma) as vibrational energy which pervades all things; Harmonic Spheres in Renaissance

"Everything is made of ceaselessly regenerative wave systems -- any level of stasis is just a sensorial illusion generated by gaps in scale between inner and outer space-time. Not for an instance is any particle left unturned in the wake of cosmic renovation. Since energy-mass cannot be destroyed, it must undergo constant, pattern-yielding metakinesis. Consequently, certain harmonic patterns, for example the Fibonacci [308] sequence, can propagate across the entirety of energy spectra from the sonic to the electro magnetic to the gravitational register." (307)