Darlow and Moule 1903

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Darlow, T.H. and H.F. Moule. Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society. London: Bible House, 1903.




  • BSS 2nd copy consists of the New Testament only, with 50 plates of engravings, many copied from the designs of Boetius á Bolswert; some 'to be sould by Robert Peake at his shoppe nere Holborne Conduit.' DMH adds "this should not be called a distinct edition of the New Testament, though probably some copies were issued separately. It has no list of books, and is merely the NT extracted from the above Bible. There is a distinct octavo NT of this date printed by Young at Edinburgh (see No. 481)."
  • http://search.lib.cam.ac.uk/?itemid=%7Ccambrdgedb%7C2180211


  • "Contains a set of 76 plates. These are identical with those issued in a small devotional book, bearing the title Vita Paasionis et Mortis Jesu ChrisH Domini noatri Mysteria, Piia Meditaii(mibu9 et Adipiration/Ums exposita per P. Joan$iem Bourgheeium Ma&odieneem i Societate Jesu, Figuris ceneis expressa per Boetium a Bolsweri (Antwerp, 1622). The plates are numbered in the right-hand bottom comer. No. 1, De Annuntiatione B, Virginis, bears the words Cttm gratia et privilegio. No. 76, Be AeeumpHone D&ipara, which is placed as a

frontispiece before the title, certainly gives ground for the Protestant oritioiBms in Prynne's Canterburies Doome . . . , p. 615, where this particular picture is denounced. See also above, No. 867. The descriptions are in Latin. [F. F.] "


  • "2nd copy ruled in red. It is probably a mixed copy, the NT has a title-page dated 1634 and contains many plates with inscriptions "M. de Vos figuravit, Iac. de Weert sculp., and Ioan Baptista Vrints excud." [OCLC cites several artists named M. de Vos living circa 1600 whose work and identities are not easy to distinguish from one another].

1st copy bound with Genealogies and map (1636). 2nd copy bound with the BCP (1635), 'The way to true happinesse' (1633) and Psalms (1636)."

  • from D&M: "Inserted in the N. T. are many plates. Some are like those occasionally fonnd in the

Edinborgh editions of 1633 and 1636 (Nos. 867, 368, 372, 395) ; and others bear the inscriptions M. de Vos figuravit, lac, de Weert sculp., and loan, BaptUta Vrints excud. They inolade large portraits of the Apostles. [F. F.] "