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Bordalejo, Barbara and Roopika Risam. Intersectionality in Digital Humanities. Arc Humanities Press, 2019.


“There are two presumptions that have permeated digital humanities and call its scholarly integrity into question because they have failed to account for intersectionality. The first one, which is not exclusive to digital humanities, is that technologies are neu- tral and free of biases. As a result, digital humanities projects, tools, and methods have been largely developed without attention to the operations of race, gender, class, sexu- ality, ability, nation, and other axes of oppression, despite the fact that these circulate throughout the texts with which this scholarship engages. The second is an assumption that has emerged in the history of digital humanities: that a “big tent” approach is suffi- cient to address these concerns because digital humanities is “nice.”” (3)

"This volume, therefore, responds to several challenges: the add and stir model of diversity, the hidden histories of intersectionality within digital humanities, and the emerging community of scholars putting intersectionality at the forefront of digital research methods in the humanities. We seek to shed light on the difficult conversations about equity, justice, and the influence of intersectionality on digital humanities practices." (5)