THIS   IS   HACKING   THE   ACADEMY this hacking the academy?

I write a lot about hacking the academy; but more than writing about it, I believe in doing it. Just as the Hacking the Academy book project set itself a time limit of one week, I set my own constraint of one hour. After twenty-five minutes of writing and re-writing concepts I've already discussed on my blog, I decided -- as usual -- just to make something.

Hacking the academy is quick prototyping. It's knowing how to search for plug-ins and tools for mash-up pedagogy and imaginative scholarship. It's knowing how to do, to build, to create -- and, more than that, giving others the tools they need to create on their own.

This is hacking the academy.
This hacking is the academy.
The academy is this hacking.
Is this hacking the academy?
Is this the academy hacking?
This is the academy hacking.
Hacking the academy is this.

// whitney anne trettien, May 28, 2010