Fraistat and Loizeaux 2006

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Fraistat, Neil and Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux. "The Impossibility of Visual Textuality." Text. 16 (2006): 243-248.

Kirschenbaum: word/image boundary more permeable than ever

"At a fundamentally material level of digital texts, then, the hierarchy of word over image is currently more likely to be reinscribed than overturned." (245)

Drucker: "quantum field" of text, page

Kraus: too much emphasis now given to visual; need to pay greater attention to cognitive linguistic research of last few decades

"The sheer difficulty of the process helps explain why, despite a general agreement within the Bibliographical and Textual Studies community that the visual elements of texts do matter, most of us are likely to nod to their interpretive importance, but proceed to make sense in the old ways or to reproduce them editorically stripped of those elements. To rise to the challenge, we will not only need further to unpack the varieties of graphical elements and their relations to each other, but also to delineate the variety of relations betwen the visual and linguistic elements of texts." (247)