Fella 1592

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Thomas Fella, commonplace/manuscript miscellany, 1592-8.


many emblems copied from Whitney

many of the versos accompanying the calligraphic alphabet are hatchmark patterns (19v, 20v, 21v, 24v, 25v, ; see also 12v)

some versos alongside calligraphic alphabet have patterned text written as if on ribbons (27v, 28v); 43r, 43v has scroll speech bubble and a man holding a ribbon with writing

many of the images of the trees have branches that become curling, knot-garden-like flourishs (6r, 8r, 13v, 14v, 29v, 32v, 33r, 39v)

knots (3r,4r, 40r, 40v, 63v)

knots and trees with knots come together in 57v, 58r, 73v-74r

calendar, the labours of the month, copied from a series of woodcuts

71r, ER (vivat Regina) in knots

72r, "Virescit vulnere vertus" -- Courage grows strong at the wound -- see embroidery pannel usingn this motto made by mary Queen of Scots c. 1569, sent as a gift to the Duke of Norfolk at the time of their marriage plans; intended as a message to him that the unfruitful branch of Elizabth was to be cut down, making way for her reign (notes on this on 45)

74v, slips

76r, 76v, 77r, 77v, 78r, 78v, 79r, , slips drawn faintly, sometimes with hands holding them

some graffiti flourishs and drawings recorded by "Jane Sparrow / Her Booke," in 1714 (75v, 81r, 81v)