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Bindley, "At Little Gidding" (1887)

briefly describes NF's life and the founding of the household; mentions Concordance Room: "Another spacious room was reserved as a kind of book-laboratory and fitted up with machinery for rolling, pressing, and binding books." (270)

"Of the prayers used by the family in their united devotions, some were composed by Mr. Ferrar himself, others were translations from foreign devotional works, but all were written out." -- a quote presumed from NF on the evil of extemporary prayer follows (270)

"One of the most interesting occupations of the community was the construction, under the special direction of Mr. Ferrar, of 'Harmonies of the Gospels.' These were produced by cutting out, and pasting together on large sheets of paper, portions of the narratives given by each Evangelist. So cleverly were the pieces fitted to one another, and the sheetsnd together, that when finished the whole presented the appearance of being an original printed work." (271)