Auerbach 1980

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Nina Auerbach's review of Madwoman in the Attic:

"define a woman's art that rises in wounded resistance from the assault of the male pen/penis"

"less a revolutionary manifesto than a bible of revolution, giving definitive form to the collective work of a decade"

earlier feminist critics like Moers and Showalter offered a masked Atlantis of women's work; G&G offer "a community of radical anxiety, blended by the dis/ease engendered by the male pen/penis"

"central aim is to translate the coded essence of an essentially duplicitous canon"

"It begins with a rhetorical question that does not stay for an answer"

"Throughout the book, Gilbert/Gubar seem to me too quick to erect a giant straw penisto explain the shapes of woman's art"

Helen Cixous, metaphor of “white ink,” of writing in breast milke; l’ ecriture feminine, too fluid to be defined and described